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Living Legacy Learning welcomes YOU

An Immersive and Impactful experience designed to leave a long lasting and positive influence.

About Living Legacy Learning

Who We Are

Bespoke training for you, designed from 30 years of professional experience within the care sector.

Drawing from working therapeutically with children and young people, as a Residential Social Worker and Foster Carer. Pastoral support within Independent and Local Authority Schools and Animal Assisted Therapist.

Fused together with my own experiences of surviving childhood sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and being care experienced.

I survived the insurmountable and put my pain to purpose. 

I am Rachel, the Founder and Director.

This beautiful dog that's with me is Honey. She is my Emotional Support Assistance Dog, Honey is the Co- Founder and has an integral part to play. She has 5 years experience of supporting children and young people with their mental health.

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Bespoke For You

Living Legacy Learning is on a mission to enact transformational and meaningful change, through, targeted, purposeful training.



Satisfaction Guaranteed

Consultancy plays a crucial role in addressing the complexities of care experienced people.
My primary responsibility is to provide expert advice, guidance and solutions, typically organisations and businesses facing specific challenges or seeking equity and improvement. 
Collaborating closely with you and care experienced where applicable, in order to understand your needs, constraints and goals.

Bespoke Training

Next Level Service

Care Leavers and Inclusion
Dynamic Safeguarding
Specialised disclosure
Authentic relationships
General awareness 
Language considerations (verbal and Written)
Corporate Responsibility


After Care

What you do matters

If there is one thing that's a given is that, change is constant. Updates and staying informed are essential to adapt to evolving situations with care experienced people.
After care can be given on request, for anyone undertaking training. Supporting you to navigate any challenges.
A psychodynamic, therapeutic and solutioned focused is my usual approach.

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Training Courses

Bespoke training courses that we can fix perfectly for your staffs individual needs.


Care Leavers and Inclusion Training

Children in Care become Adults

Let's enact meaningful change together, through targeted and purposeful training.

My vision is a reimagined care landscape, where EVERY care experienced person has the chance for dignity, empowerment and equity.

A selection of topics focused on: 

Barriers to life

General awareness

Legislation and policy

Language considerations

Tackling unconscious bias

A protected characteristic

"Local Offer" for care leavers

Equity for all care experienced

Specialist Disclosure Training

Empowering voices: encouraging vigilance

First hand insights and perspectives offering valuable context and empathy

Uniting our community where every survivor is acknowledged and believed. Recognising Disclosure as a crucial process.

A selection of topics focused on:


General awareness through measured disclosure

Statistics, policy, strategy

Myths and misconceptions

Communication creativity

Lived experience in the workplace

Self Care for supporters


Authentic Relationship Training

Unlocking potential through relationships

The evolution of relationship building with care experienced people with emphasis on the shift to trauma informed approaches.

I envision a future where every child experiences the transformational power of authentic connections.

A selection of topics focused on:

Building trust

Emotional availability

Barriers to connection

Language physical/verbal

Supporting autonomy

Environment and culture


Creative reward

Language Consideration Training

Trauma informed communication

From encouraging expression, though to respectful terminology. this course is designed to embrace a new way forward with inclusive language. 

The significance of words can be the spark that ignites hope and empowerment, or the arrows that wound, reinforce or create additional trauma.

A selection of topics focused on:

Fostering inclusivity

Reducing stigma

Language barriers

Physical/Verbal language

Creating a safe environment

Supporting advocacy

Report writing

Promoting resilience


Dynamic Safeguarding Training

Child and Adult safeguarding legacy

A tough subject made as palatable as possible through creativity. Gone are the days of having a snooze throughout! This one will involve learning from the heart and mind. With a fusion of personal experience and professional expertise.

From basic to advanced this training will create a future where safety isn't just a standard but a continuous legacy that shapes the wellbeing of generations to come.

A selection of topics focused on

Child abuse recognition

Recognising survival strategies

Legal and ethical considerations

Emergency response

Safe environment

After care child/adult

Understanding and Supporting Care Experienced People.

A community and Corporate commitment

An opportunity to immerse your staff team in an experience that will foster inspiration and personal growth, develop skills and be part of the Legacy of long term change. 

Picture a culture that acknowledges the hurdles facing our care experienced community and pro actively work toward dismantling these obstacles. Enhancing access and inclusion for positive outcomes.

A selection of topics focused on:

Dismantling stereotypes

Legal framework Care experienced as a protected characteristic

Empathy development

Cultural competence 


Home: Services


Word on the Street

We’re proud to share a handful of recent testimonials from our happy customers. Living Legacy Learning is dedicated to exceptional customer care, and will always go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied with our products and service. If you’ve had experience with us and have feedback, please get in touch - we’d love to hear it.

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Frederique Lambrakis-Haddad
Author, Therapist, Charity Co Director and Well-being Lead.

"Not only is Rachel deeply knowledgeable, but she communicates deep compassion and breadth of experience which was hugely impactful. Her lived experience has given Rachel a very individual perspective and voice; which many of us can benefit from. One thing that I particularly enjoy about Rachel and her message is that she bridges the world of therapeutic expertise and lived experience in a very accessible and inclusive manner. I wholeheartedly recommend Rachel!"

Book Front Cover (1) Adele.jpg

Published Projects

I met Adele for the first time whilst I was fostering my lad. A few years later we worked together in an SEMH school. It was quiet the experience!!  Adele now helps school leaders and staff to improve behaviours, so that all pupils have the chance to thrive. 
As my moto over the years has been let's get it right for our children, I was one of Adele's experts interviewed and became part of Chapter 2 in her book.

"Miss I don't give a Sh*t" 
Author Adele Bates

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Published Articles

Safeguarding and Disclosure

I have written articles for SecEd which are a great resource to refresh and understand more.

Disclosure is just the begining

3rd SecEd Article

What to do...

2nd SecEd Article

I'm stood in front of you about to..

1st SecEd Article

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Our Monthly Community Event

Everyone is welcome as everyone is needed.

Don't miss out on this months event, grab your ticket using the button below to be informed on all the latest on Safeguarding and Raising Awareness.

Watch this space for the next date.

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